Abbott announced their future goal of developing biowearables at CES

Jan. 10, 2022

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Abbott presented a keynote at the most influential tech event in the world, the first healthcare company ever to do so.

Abbott Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert B. Ford headlined the event, "Human-Powered Health: Unlocking the Possibility of You."

During the keynote, the company announced it's developing a new category of consumer biowearables called Lingoi. These biowearables are being designed to translate your body's unique language into actionable data to help you track and measure your general health and wellness. The sensor technology is being designed to track key signals in the body such as glucose, ketones and lactate, and could also be used one day to track alcohol levels.

Lingo extends the Abbott sensing technology platform that Abbott pioneered in 2014 for people with diabetes, allowing people to continuously monitor their glucose levels with a small sensor on the back of the upper arm. Abbott then built this technology platform to develop a product designed for athletes with the 2020 launch of Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biowearableiii in Europe, to optimize how they fuel their bodies for rigorous training. Lingo aims to expand glucose monitoring to people looking to manage their weight, sleep better, improve energy and think clearer.

Abbott is designing Lingo to measure other biomarkers beyond glucose in the future. A ketone biowearable is being developed to track ketones continuously, see how fast you are getting into ketosis, and understand exactly what keeps you there by providing insights on dieting and weight loss. A lactate biowearable is in development to track continuous lactate build up during exercise, which can be used as an indicator of athletic performance.  

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