Salesforce announces Future of Patient Health platform

March 17, 2022

At HIMSS 2022, Salesforce announced it will expand its offerings for healthcare and life sciences companies with new innovations across Salesforce’s Customer 360 for Health. Companies including Teladoc Health and Ovation Medical will utilize these new capabilities, which build on existing offerings rolled out in 2021. Salesforce says that in order to meet the growing demand for nimble, digital-first solutions, healthcare and life sciences organizations must deliver clinical self-care and wellness services remotely, while securely improving patient access to care and therapy.

Customer 360 for Health draws on the full power of Salesforce to deliver relevant solutions for healthcare and life sciences companies, creating trusted, connected relationships between patients, providers and payers from anywhere.

New innovations include Patient Care Coordination, Patient Virtual Care, Patient Unified Health Scoring, Patient Data Platform and Patient Commerce Portal.

Research shows that COVID-19 transformed patient and employee preferences and altered the future of healthcare and life sciences. Delivering personalized care in non-traditional settings – at home, in a retail health clinic, or even through a digital portal — is part of a growing trend that patients, providers and customers alike now seek.

Patient Care Coordination will allow care teams and healthcare organizations to access apps that help improve patient case management and outcomes. Care coordinators will be able to connect with colleagues and patients through alerts, messages and workflows from a secure platform.

Salesforce reports that 47% of lower-income consumers experience challenges with transportation to doctor’s appointments. With Patient Virtual Care, providers will have the framework to connect with their patients remotely and schedule check-ins, complementing traditional in-person visits. For example, a patient whose lack of transportation makes it difficult to get to their appointment on time could use Virtual Care to connect with their physician virtually.

Safeguarding patient data with expanded features to enable HIPAA compliance

With Patient Unified Health Scoring, care teams, providers and payers can combine clinical data — such as blood pressure and temperature — with non-clinical data — such as demographic and environmental information — to provide a more holistic view of the patient. Patient Unified Health Scoring also provides actionable insights that can help identify potential risks the patients may face and help inform the next best course of action for that patient.

Patient Unified Health Scoring is integrated with the Patient Data Platform*, which helps customers connect all of their end customer data in a single place while also meeting their HIPAA compliant responsibilities. Now, patient and member experience managers can capture and segment patient and member data from disparate systems to help create a more patient holistic profile, personalize the engagement, and recommend follow-up care and programs for prevention.

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