GHX debuts Vaccine Manager to help healthcare facilities manage vital data

June 17, 2022

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) Vendormate announced that it is launching GHX Vaccine Manager, a new digital solution to help healthcare organizations capture, review and report vaccination information. Leveraging the same tools, expertise and processes Vendormate has been optimizing for nearly two decades, Vaccine Manager helps healthcare organizations streamline compliance with vaccine reporting mandates across employees, contractors and volunteers, and create safer environments for patients, visitors and staff.

"As a result of the pandemic, health protections, such as vaccine mandates, are now among the proactive measures necessary to help maintain a safe facility. But already overtaxed healthcare organizations need tools that simplify compliance so staff can focus on what matters most: patient care," said Chrystie Leonard, general manager, GHX Vendormate. "The new GHX Vaccine Manager builds upon Vendormate’s deep experience in vaccine records management to deliver an automated solution that is streamlined, easy to use and gives organizations a single, digital source for managing vaccination status."

COVID-19 vaccines are now required for staff in Medicare and Medicaid-certified facilities, and a forthcoming Joint Commission standard set to take effect July 1 will require accredited hospitals, ambulatory care and home care facilities to ensure staff be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Non-compliance with these standards could result in fines or the loss of CMS funding. Meanwhile, a new U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory issued in May 2022 highlights the need to address the crisis of healthcare burnout. Digital tools like the GHX Vaccine Manager offer a solution to help improve safety in healthcare systems without placing additional burden on strained staff.

The GHX Vaccine Manager has two interfaces designed for the distinct needs of an individual as well as a healthcare organization. Individual users upload their vaccination documentation via the mobile app to be reviewed by GHX and the individual user can track their review status. Health organizations can track the progress of their vaccination program and export detailed reports from a single dashboard to aid with reporting to agencies and accrediting bodies.

The GHX Vaccine Manager can reduce the time organizations spend monitoring and reporting on vaccine compliance by automating the vaccine record request and review process, allowing organizations to manage vaccination status more efficiently for employees, contractors and volunteers. Capabilities include:

·        Allows individuals to upload proof of vaccinations or required supporting documents for exemptions

·         Provides updates to individuals on document review status

·         Enables health systems to view the status of their systemwide vaccine program through a dashboard

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