Cleveland Clinic Joins AI Consortium

Feb. 12, 2024
The organization announced that it will be participating in the initiative from the Department of Commerce

According to a Feb. 8 press release, Cleveland Clinic will participate in a Department of Commerce initiative to support the development and deployment of trustworthy and safe artificial intelligence (AI).

The U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC) is being established by the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and will bring together AI stakeholders including AI creators and users, academics, government and industry researchers, civil society organizations, state and local governments, and non-profits.

The press release says that “The consortium will also work with organizations from like-minded nations that have a key role to play in setting interoperable and effective safety around the world.”

“Cleveland Clinic is proud to be a member of the AI Safety Institute Consortium and to contribute to the ongoing conversation around artificial intelligence,” said Rohit Chandra, Ph.D., Chief Digital Officer at Cleveland Clinic. “We recognize that the thoughtful use of AI has immense widespread potential, including the enhancement of healthcare for caregivers and patients. However, it’s crucial that organizations implement AI programs responsibly. This government-led consortium will help to link this rapidly evolving technology with equally important innovation in safety and responsible practices.”

Cleveland Clinic has the press release.

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