Hospitals Around the Country Link Up With Microsoft to Operationalize Responsible AI Principles

March 14, 2024
The consortium aims to improve AI’s quality and trustworthiness by working together

A consortium of healthcare leaders announced the creation of the Trustworthy & Responsible AI Network (TRAIN) at the HIMSS 2024 Global Health Conference.

Several hospitals and healthcare providers across the country, including AdventHealth, Boston Children’s Hospital, MedStar Health, Northwestern Medicine, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center, are partnering with Microsoft with the aim of “operationalizing responsible AI principles to improve the quality, safety, and trustworthiness of AI in health.”

The network will also be collaborating with OCHIN, which serves a “national network of community health organizations with solutions, expertise, clinical insights and tailored technologies,” and TruBridge, which is a “partner and conduit to community healthcare” tasked with ensuring that “every organization, regardless of resources, has access to TRAIN’s benefits.”

The network recognizes the “new possibilities and opportunities for healthcare organizations and practitioners” that, in turn, require “rigorous development and evaluation standards” to ensure “effective and responsible applications of AI.”

TRAIN members hope to “improve the quality and trustworthiness of AI” by “sharing best practices related to the use of AI in healthcare settings,” “enabling registration of AI…through a secure online portal,” “providing tools to enable measurement of outcomes associated with the implementation of AI,” and “facilitating the development of a federated national AI outcomes registry.

Dr. Rebecca G. Mishuris, chief medical information officer and vice president at Mass General Brigham, one of the members of the consortium, touts the coalition’s potential to “lay the groundwork for a common understanding and a thoughtful process that drives how healthcare organizations can ensure how AI is rigorously tested and equitably, safely, and securely implemented for the betterment of health.”

Microsoft’s website has the release.