Study Shows AI Tool for Detecting Breast Cancer Reduces Workflow for Doctors

April 9, 2024
The tool sorts mammograms into three categories, sorting the ones that need immediate attention from the ones that don’t

A new study has been published “highlighting the effectiveness of Lunit INSIGHT MMG in significantly reducing radiologists’ workload while enhancing cancer detection rates.”

Lunit INSIGHT MMG is “Lunit’s AI-powered solution for breast cancer detection,” and this research was undertaken in order to “assess its proficiency in early cancer detection within a breast cancer screening program.”

The study encompassed “over 22,621 mammograms from 8,825 women over a decade.” The researchers found that Lunit INSIGHT MMG had the “potential to reduce workflow by nearly 70% through a hybrid workflow scenario that categorizes mammograms into immediate review, further evaluation, or no action needed based on AI-assessed risk scores, alongside a 30.5% boost in cancer detection accuracy.”

In addition, “the study revealed that the AI system identified 51.72% of interval cancers, and 50% of missed cancers. Additionally, the study illustrated that using Lunit INSIGHT MMG as a second reader could potentially expedite the diagnosis by an average of nearly 30 months, compared to traditional screening methods.”

PR Newswire has the news release.

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