FDA Releases Tips on Charging Medical Devices with a USB Charger

May 14, 2024
Improper charging can result in the devices overheating, which can cause fire and injury.

The FDA has released a list of seven tips to assist in charging medical devices correctly in order to avoid overheating, which can cause fires and injury. Specifically, these tips concern “devices that use a USB charger including hearing aids, glucose monitors, [and] insulin pumps.”

Chief among the tips is to “read, understand, and follow the manufacturer’s directions for the use and care of your device.” It is also vital to use “the charging accessories provided by the manufacturer” rather than third-party accessories, which could allow “much higher power” than is required, “increasing the risk of overheating.”

Inspecting your medical device and charging accessories “for signs of damage,” and not using them if they are damaged, is also important, as is charging your medical device in an area where you can see it and away from soft surfaces like couches or pillows.

Other tips listed include charging your device during the day when you are awake, unplugging the charger when your device is fully charged, and protecting medical devices from extreme temperatures.