Still time to register for the AHVAP annual conference

Oct. 15, 2019

The 16th Annual AHVAP Continuing Education & National Conference will offer an outstanding program of continuing education and a great opportunity for Value Analysis professionals to network and exchange ideas.

The theme of 2019 is: Championing Change Through Collaboration – skills that Value Analysis professionals need every day.

AHVAP will permit you to take advantage of either our CVAHP Prep Course for those of you preparing for certification, or AHVAP pre-conference sessions, which are a value-added benefit for all attendees.

These pre-conference sessions will offer a Generational Perspective on leadership (and followership) as well as an opportunity to discuss with fellow attendees how that perspective impacts our professional (and personal) lives – it’s a topic that is both thought provoking and very real.

·   The AHVAP Annual Business meeting will also be held during the week of the conference and we look forward to sharing all of the work that has been completed on your behalf as well as some exciting future plans. For the first time, we will be making the Annual Business meeting available by webinar to all AHVAP members, even those who may not be able to be with us in person. More communication will be forthcoming.

·   The creation of the Brooke Berson Founders’ Award has been approved by the AHVAP Board and AHVAP is proud to announce that Barbara Strain has been selected as its first recipient. (Barbara is also part of the HPN Editorial Advisory Board and HPN’s sister publication Medical Laboratory Observer (MLO), a publication on clinical lab efficacy.) This award is named after the AHVAP founding member, Brooke Berson, and honors a member of AHVAP who has consistently demonstrated his or her service and dedication to healthcare value analysis and who has positively impacted the profession and AHVAP. I can think of no one who represents this better than Barbara does. She is a nationally recognized leader of healthcare value analysis as well as a champion, mentor, and role model. She is an author, an educator, and a presenter. As a founding and active member of AHVAP she has held positions on the Board as well as chairing and participating in multiple committees. She has guided this association since inception and continues to do so.

AHVAP’s IBEC executes agreements designed primarily as reciprocal educational opportunities with professional organizations. AHVAP provides educational opportunities on a variety of value analysis topics to industry suppliers, organizations and associations. In return industry suppliers, organizations and associations may provide either content experts, educational programs or support-in-kind to AHVAP and its members as well as the development of joint white papers and articles aimed at promoting value analysis in healthcare.

A recent article in the July edition of Healthcare Purchasing News featured a discussion by the four recipients of the 2019 P.U.R.E Award on From the article: “P.U.R.E. signifies Physicians Understanding, Respecting and Engaging Supply Chain professionals. HPN bestows its P.U.R.E. award on those physicians and surgeons who have made solid contributions to supply chain operations — activities, practices and thinking.”

In the article, Rick Dana Barlow explores the topic “Meeting in the middle to strive for optimal clinical outcomes, four doctors promote how they bridge any divides between Supply Chain and Medical staff…” with the four 2019 P.U.R.E. recipients.

AHVAP congratulates John Cherf, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Lumere Inc., and former Chief of Orthopedics, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago on receipt of this prestigious award and commends his commitment to collaboration to achieve quality patient outcomes.

If you missed seeing the full article in the July issue of HPN, follow this link.

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