HPN salutes healthcare personnel on the front lines of COVID-19

April 22, 2020

As the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 global pandemic, we’re reminded every day of the heroic measures healthcare professionals are providing. Our entire staff at HPN says Thank You to the nurses, doctors, infection preventionists, sterile processing specialists, surgical and ICU services, EMTs, environmental services and the supply chain and C-suite supporters in healthcare facilities, who all continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we head into our fifth month of COVID-19 coverage and the ongoing global pandemic, we wonder who could have foreseen that when HPN ran our first story in early January that we’d still be in the midst of extensive coverage almost five months later.

Our first reports were of a mysterious pneumonia sickening dozens of people in Wuhan, China, but that report said there was no evidence of the virus spreading from person to person. Just a week later the first death in Wuhan was reported. Then on January 21, the first case was found in the United States in Washington. Next in early Febuary, to everyone’s surprise we discovered how rapidly it spread from person to person. Since then, this virus has continued to deliver surprises, including patients sharing virus with no symptoms and many standard medical treatment practices being challenged.

We’ve been reminded by many sources that this is not going to be a short battle. We’re also reminded to pay attention to the hurdles that we’ve overcome and hopefully lessons learned to prevent the struggles we’ve dealt with from happening again.

And we’ll continue to say thank you for the sacrifices you’ll continue to endure and that all of us are enduring in this world family.

Our ongoing coverage will continue to be posted on our website https://www.hpnonline.com/infection-prevention/article/21126453/hpns-coverage-of-covid19