Ebola trial candidate vaccines arrive in Uganda in record 79 days after outbreak declared

Dec. 12, 2022
Ebola update.

The first doses of one of the three candidate vaccines against Sudan ebolavirus arrived in Uganda. These will be evaluated in a clinical trial called the Solidarity Against Ebola or Tokomeza Ebola.

The arrival of the 1200 doses of candidate vaccines was just 79 days after the outbreak was declared on September 20.

The vaccine is one of the three candidates that were recommended for the trial by an independent WHO expert panel: Sabin Vaccine Institute's ChAd3-SUDV. The other two, cAdOx1 biEBOV from Oxford University/Jenner Institute/Serum Institute of India and Merck/IAVI's SV-SUDV, will be added to the trial when doses arrive.

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