Measles Exposure Confirmed in Kansas City Airport and Hospital

Jan. 18, 2024
Health officials urge anyone in the airport on Jan. 4 and the hospital on Jan. 5-6 to monitor for symptoms

A resident with a confirmed case of measles passed through the Kansas City International Airport on Jan. 4 and North Kansas City Hospital from Jan. 5-6, potentially exposing scores of people to the infectious disease.

HPN previously reported on a measles outbreak in the Philadelphia area on Jan. 8 with eight confirmed cases. Cases of measles typically originate in those who are non-immune – either unvaccinated or too young to have received the vaccine yet.

The Clay County Public Health Center identified in a news flash the areas that people were potentially exposed to measles, including Terminal B of the airport on the night of Jan. 4, the North Kansas City Hospital Emergency Department waiting area on Jan. 5, and a couple different floors of the hospital over Jan. 5 and Jan. 6.

Public health officials also urge that “anyone exposed should watch for symptoms of measles until January 27.” Additionally, anyone who is ill or experiencing measles-like symptoms are urged to stay home unless seeking medical care.

The Clay County website has the release.