Truveta Inks Real-World Data Contract with CDC

Jan. 23, 2024
The collective of health systems will provide real-world data for CDC researchers for respiratory virus surveillance

According to a Jan. 22 press release, Truveta, a collective of 30 health systems with a shared mission of Saving Lives with Data, was awarded a contract with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) for privacy-preserving record linkage of patient-level real-world healthcare data. Truveta will provide real-world data for CDC researchers to conduct respiratory virus surveillance, including COVID, as well as data to facilitate studies on maternal health and pediatric care. 

Truveta was formed by health systems from across the U.S. Truveta Data comes from the increasing collective of more than 30 health systems that provide more than 18% of the daily clinical care across all 50 states from 800 hospitals and 20,000 clinics. This data is updated daily.

The press release states that “Truveta will provide the CDC with the most complete, timely, and clean electronic health record (EHR) data from more than 100 million patients to empower CDC researchers with novel insights into new and emerging priority questions related to SARS-CoV-2 variants, vaccinations, testing, re-infection, health impact, natural history, and long-term effects of COVID. Truveta Data will help facilitate the CDC’s COVID response and surveillance efforts as it enables CDC scientists to access representative patient-level data, without delays, for statistically significant populations.”

The CDC says that access to timely and comprehensive data on the spread and impact of infectious diseases and emerging public health concerns remains important to understanding and combatting public health threats. The CDC utilizes electronic healthcare data for public health purposes to inform awareness, predictive monitoring, and strategic, tactic, and policy decision making.

Truveta has the press release.