Measles Cases in Las Vegas and Cincinnati Inflate U.S. Cases in 2024 to 121

April 17, 2024
Two more cases in the Chicago area have yet to be added to the growing total.

New measles cases have been reported in Las Vegas, Cincinnati, and the suburbs of Chicago, according to CIDRAP.

The Las Vegas case comes from a visitor who was in Clark County between April 1 and April 6. Apparently, “the person stayed at the MGM Grand hotel and spent time at several of the facility’s attractions.” In Cincinnati, a visitor from Illinois tested positive for measles, and officials “warned of potential measles exposures at a hotel and restaurant downtown.”

There were two cases reported in the suburbs of Chicago, “and neither were linked to an outbreak at a Chicago migrant shelter” that already exists. One of the cases is the second reported in Cook County so far this year, “which involves an adult who has a community-acquired infection.” The second patient is from DuPage County, marking the county’s first measles case since 2009.

Before these two cases from the Chicago area, “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed 121 US measles cases so far for 2024.” Healthcare Purchasing News has twice previously reported on measles over the past month.

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