IDSA committee to continue inclusion, diversity, access and equity focus

Feb. 1, 2022

The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) Board of Directors recently approved the creation of a permanent IDA&E Committee, in recognition of the importance of inclusion, diversity, access and equity as long-term priorities and core values.

According to the release, the new committee will build on the efforts of IDSA’s IDA&E Task Force, which was established in late 2018 to develop a framework and recommendations to ensure the implementation and full integration of IDA&E principles throughout the Society. Extended several times, the group has continued its work over the past several years.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, its focus has expanded to highlight the need to address structural inequities and health and racial disparities through journal articles, collaborations and content for the COVID Health Equity Resources section of the COVID-19 Real-Time Learning Network.

Converting the current task force into a permanent part of IDSA’s governance structure will ensure an ongoing focus on and integration of the Society’s IDA&E Roadmap and Strategies in addition to providing strategic direction to the board of directors on advancing IDA&E priorities.

The committee’s charge is to:

  • Advise, guide, monitor and report on efforts across the organization;
  • Identify opportunities to leverage best practices in the ongoing review of policies, practices, processes and communications and recommend enhancements;
  • Advise the Society’s leadership on strategies and metrics for volunteer recruitment and increasing engagement of underrepresented groups in IDSA;
  • Identify and support implementation of health equity priorities, including involvement with external partners and potential funders;
  • Advance initiatives and work with stakeholders to ensure appropriate communications of efforts throughout the Society;
  • Identify and support opportunities to expand outreach to underrepresented populations to pursue careers in ID to help ensure a robust, empowered and highly capable workforce.

IDSA release