National Breastfeeding Awareness month celebrated with breast pump donation & storytelling partnership

Aug. 8, 2019

Medela LLC has announced its support of Breastfeeding: Uncovered, a partnership between Medela and breastfeeding expert Kimberly Seals-Allers, author of the best-selling "The Big Letdown.”

This digital narrative series shares stories from breastfeeding moms living in situations where the decision to pump or breastfeed requires persevering through a range of obstacles including incarcerated mothers, moms raising families in Native American communities, and substance abuse withdrawal. 

"Medela was an early supporter of Breastfeeding: Uncovered. It is an important digital narrative series documenting the experiences of breast milk feeding moms that truly reflect the modern American landscape," said Seals-Allers in the statement.

Working with filmmaker Emma Reid, Seals-Allers worked to create powerful vignettes to convey the power and determination that all new moms possess, the complexity of breastfeeding and what breastfeeding and pumping looks like in America today.

"We know that social support is a big factor when it comes to meeting your breastfeeding goals. That is why we celebrate breast milk feeding families and their networks, year-round," said Melissa Gonzales, Executive Vice President of the Americas for Medela LLC. "This August, we're stepping up efforts to celebrate all moms, and the hard-working individuals and organizations that we've partnered with to support maternal and infant health across the nation."