AHIP updates brand and mission to improve healthcare for Americans

June 2, 2021

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) announced a refreshed brand and updated mission that better aligns with its work, goals, and commitments. 

Moving forward, the industry trade association will go simply by AHIP. The organization has also unveiled a new logo, conveying a more modern, more inclusive and even more active AHIP, along with a new tagline: Guiding Greater Health.  

AHIP believes that health insurance providers play a critical role in making health care better and coverage more affordable and accessible for everyone. Its new mission and brand reflect AHIP’s commitment to innovation, solutions, equity and delivering results for every patient in every community. 

We are champions of care, guiding greater health. That’s our mission and it is central to the work that health insurance providers do every day. After a year filled with unprecedented challenges and loss, and at a time when reliable health coverage has never been more important, AHIP is aligning our brand with our mission, our work and the communities we serve,” said Matt Eyles, AHIP president and CEO. “Today, we’re not just changing how we describe our work, but how people think about the role of health insurance providers in their lives, from making coverage and care more affordable to breaking down barriers to good health. This will help us create more impact with the work we do.

AHIP’s new brand also illustrates the organization’s renewed focus on collaboration. More than an advocate for health insurance providers, AHIP is an advocate for every American, ensuring that their health needs are met—from mental health to physical health, emergency care to chronic health conditions. That means working together across health care with partners from the free market and government to improve care and coverage for every American.

AHIP has the release.