Pillo Health and BLACK+DECKER partner to deliver smart home care companion

Sept. 30, 2019

Pillo Health and BLACK+DECKER announced an ongoing collaboration to further the companies’ shared mission to help adults and their caregivers independently and proactively manage their healthcare at home. 

Now available, the Pria by BLACK+DECKER robot assistant is the first commercially available product created in partnership by the two companies. Pillo Health developed the innovative, proprietary technology platform that powers Pria, and BLACK+DECKER is facilitating its direct launch to consumers in need of an in-home solution to extend the circle of caregiving. 

The companion robot market is expected to reach $34.1 billion by 2022 and, specifically, the smart home elderly monitoring market is projected to grow 600 percent by 2020. 

The Pillo Health technology bringing Pria to life leverages facial recognition and AI, enabling adults to maintain safety, independence and wellness in-home, while providing peace of mind to those who are deeply involved in their care through a mobile app. The device proactively facilitates in-home healthcare management by scheduling up to 28 medication doses, providing reminder alerts, dispensing proper medication at the proper times, and providing the user with fast access to family or caregivers with a simple voice command and built-in camera. 

The partnership between BLACK+DECKER, Inc., and Pillo Health to launch Pria direct-to-consumer was executed by Stanley Healthcare, which provides innovative solutions and technology for safer, more secure and more efficient care in senior living. Pria by BLACK+DECKER will employ a comprehensive care platform designed for the 40-plus million adults in the U.S. who act as caregivers to adults aging in place. Pillo Health will market Pillo, its version of the companion, directly to healthcare providers and other organizations that want to revolutionize and improve the health and wellness of patients at home.  

“Our goal is to help Pria by BLACK+DECKER address the needs of people who want to improve their quality of life and safety while living in the comfort of their own homes,” said Emanuele Musini, co-founder and CEO of Pillo Health. “Together, we’re also creating a way for caregivers to connect with loved ones in an impactful way, and broadening our portfolio of home health and wellness products that allow adults to stay in their homes longer thanks to an engaging smart device, mobile app and data catered to their individual needs.”