August 2019 Product Picks

July 23, 2019
Bladder scan technology

The BladderScan Prime Plus from Verathon delivers accuracy, improved workflow and fewer errors in measuring urine volume. Powered by ImageSense technology, the proprietary Verathon Artificial Intelligence algorithm harnesses real-world data to consistently detect and define bladder location, size, and shape across all adult and pediatric patient types and anatomies automatically. BladderScan Prime Plus requires no routine calibration and has a unique CaliScan self-diagnostic tool that confirms proper probe function in the event of a drop. Verathon maintains a dedicated support team of experts to help productively manage fleet, optimize uptime and keep out-of-pocket costs to a minimum over the lifespan of the device. 


Excision device for wound debridement and skin grafts

The Amalgatome SD by Exsurco Medical is designed specifically for surgical skin grafting wound debridement, the Amalgatome SD features a unique 360° circular cutting head incorporated with an ergonomic hand piece. Designed differently than the standard oscillating cutting motion currently used which required pushing forcefully against the skin during use, the ASD glides over the skin in a pulling motion with minimal effort. This allows surgeon to safely maneuver over body contours and hard-to-reach areas that are challenging for current excision products. Built to help to reduce user fatigue, the ASD provides efficient wound debridement and uniform, consistent skin grafts.


UltraDrape UGPIV barrier and securement

UltraDrape is an innovative, dual action dressing uniquely designed for use during UGPIV procedures. Introduced by Parker Laboratories in 2018, UltraDrape is the first-of-its kind, conceived and developed to address previously unmet needs associated with ultrasound-guided venous access, specifically: reducing procedure time and minimizing securement failure and infection risk. UltraDrape was designed to be cost-efficient when compared to the alternative use of sterile gels and covers, is user-friendly, and facilitates a no touch, aseptic procedure without compromising efficacy or impeding visualization. 


Patient-bed pillow speakers

Crest Healthcare’s Backlit Elite Pillow Speakers are available for the Rauland Responder 5 and Hill-Rom NaviCare nurse call systems. Crest also manufactures the Backlit Pillow Speaker exclusively for the West-Com Novus Connect nurse call system. The backlit pillow speakers are built on the same solid platform as the popular Crest Elite Pillow Speakers and are designed to enhance the patient experience. Backlit Pillow Speakers feature keypad buttons that light up for visibility in areas with little or no lighting. Nurse call related buttons will remain gently illuminated for patient reassurance while plugged into a nurse call station. TV related buttons on the pillow speakers for Responder 5 and NaviCare systems illuminate once a button is pressed and remain lit for 10 seconds.


Leak-tester tester for endoscope maintenance  

Healthmark Industries’ Leak Tester Tester has been added to the company’s endoscopy product line, giving facilities a tool to test endoscope leak testers prior to use. Designed to validate the accuracy of air pressure provided by automated and handheld endoscope leakage testers, the Leak Tester Tester assists healthcare workers in the reprocessing areas to determine if an endoscope leak tester is working properly by testing the functionality of the pump and the connector for leaks prior to using. The Leak Tester Tester assists in reducing the potential for cross-contamination, damage and costly repairs that result from using an endoscope with leaks. Manufactured from stainless steel, the testers come in a package of four or can be purchased separately and are offered for the following leak testers: the Olympus automated leak tester, the Olympus handheld tester, the Pentax handheld tester and the Karl Storz handheld tester. 


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