Intermountain Healthcare announces new company to elevate value-based care capabilities

July 17, 2019

Intermountain Healthcare announces the formation of a new comprehensive health platform company – Castell – that is focused on elevating value-based care capabilities with providers, payers, healthcare systems, and accountable care organizations. The new company, it says, will enable other organizations to accelerate their transition from volume to value-based systems of care, while keeping care more affordable and accessible.

"Value-based systems of care are designed to prioritize the health of our communities, but present new operational burdens to providers, health systems, and payers, such as increased financial risk," Rajesh Shrestha, President and CEO of Castell, told Healthcare Purchasing News. "Without the right level
of support, it is difficult to thrive in a value-based healthcare world." In addition to leading Castell, Shrestha serves as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Community Based Care for Intermountain Healthcare. He has more than two decades of experience accelerating other health companies move from fee-for-service to value-based care.

Castell’s foundation is built on lessons learned, adapted based on the successes and obstacles encountered at Intermountain, within local provider networks, and other population health-focused programs.

It will offer a comprehensive platform of tools and services to support transformation and improvement, including:

·   A proven value-based clinical care model called “Reimagined Primary Care”

·   A technology and analytics platform to guide care

·   Streamlined affiliated network management

·   Digital tools to address virtual care, patient experience, and social determinants of health

·   Access to cutting-edge initiatives and innovation coming out of Intermountain Healthcare

·   Opportunity to utilize care pathways and clinical best practices developed by Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain says it has experienced many successes with its value-based care management programs. For example, in 2018, Intermountain introduced its “Reimagined Primary Care” model for physicians and patients, which is now being extended to more providers through Castell.

"Reimagined Primary Care is Intermountain’s proven value-based clinical care model that will be extended to more people through Castell,"  Shrestha told HPN. "Reimagined Primary Care’s core purpose is to keep patients healthy and in the appropriate care setting. It empowers providers to spend the time and resources necessary to understand each patient’s needs and help them improve their health, while supporting each patient with an expanded care team."

This focus on preventive care enabled physicians to spend more time with high-risk patients to get upstream of potential health issues. After just one year, the program produced strong results, including:

·   60 percent reduction in Medicare Advantage admissions

·   25 percent fewer commercial insurance admissions

·   20 percent decreased per-member per-month costs

·   Improved patient ratings

·   Improved physician satisfaction

HPN also asked Shrestha how the company decided on its name. "Castell refers to the famous human tower culture in the Catalonia region of Spain," he said. "Creating one of these towers is an incredible feat requiring intense focus on a common goal, reliable and targeted support, and trust in the skill and expertise of your partners. Castell shares that same commitment to focus, support, and trust as we work with others to build the healthcare of the future."