YPAC is the next generation of CQO Leaders

July 31, 2019
New program drives young supply chain professionals toward success

The Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) launched the Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) in May. AHRMM is providing education, leadership and networking opportunities for young professionals within the healthcare supply chain. AHRMM also arranged special sessions and activities at the annual meeting this week in San Diego.

The four identifying pillars of YPAC’s work are to: 1. Connect - young professionals working in healthcare supply chain 2. Advise - AHRMM on the professional needs of early careerists 3. Represent - the interests of those 35 and under within AHRMM 4. Engage -students and young professionals in the work of the profession


·   Provides a platform for professional development and a forum for emerging leaders in the field to address the unique challenges facing the next generation of supply chain professionals and influence innovative solutions within healthcare.

·   Advises AHRMM staff on programs, services and policies that will leverage the talents of the organization’s diverse membership in order to captivate and actively engage early careerists in the work of the profession.

·   Acts to raise awareness of healthcare as a career option within supply chain and guide students and young professionals seeking a pathway through the multi-faceted supply chain ecosystem.

·   Seeks to build a community of experts who are prepared to lead AHRMM and carry out its mission to advance healthcare through supply chain excellence. YPAC’s 2019-2020 Priorities

·   Advise AHRMM on education (online and in-person, content and delivery mode) that will appeal to young professionals 35 and under

·   Refresh and revamp AHRMM’s mentoring program

·   Conceptualize and establish a volunteer-driven framework for a student outreach program to promote awareness of AHRMM and the healthcare supply chain profession

·   Create and organize two education sessions for the AHRMM Annual Conference (2 each for 2019 and 2020)

·   Establish networking opportunities at the AHRMM Annual Conference (within established budget)

·   Review AHRMM’s membership/fee structure as it relates to students and young professionals and provide recommendations for changes

·   Provide guidance to AHRMM on how to better market existing programs and opportunities to students and young professionals

·   Ensure mechanisms exist, or create/propose new ways to capture data on prospects/members and program/service utilization in order to measure success and market programs more effectively

To learn more about the Young Professional Advisory Council, visit www.ahrmm.org/YPAC.