September 2019 Product Picks

Aug. 23, 2019
Enzymatic precleaning solution

Key Surgical LLC is now distributing an enzymatic detergent and pre-cleaning solution for medical decontamination chemistries from European supplier Dr. Weigert. Key Surgical is the only distributor to introduce Dr. Weigert products to U.S. hospitals: neodisher MultiZym for manual cleaning and neodisher PreStop spray foam used for pre-cleaning in the operating room. The multi-enzymatic detergent delivers a combination of three classes of enzyme: protease, lipase, amylase, and MultiZym is specifically formulated for use in manual cleaning in sinks, immersion baths, and ultrasonics and features simple dosing. This pH neutral, low-foaming detergent is formulated to be safer for personnel and the environment while still delivering maximum results as it’s free of boric acid, borates, perfume, and dye.  


Rapid blood platelet analyzer

LightIntegra Technology's ThromboLUX is the the first analyzer to provide a routine test for platelet activation status. ThromboLUX, is a non-invasive, rapid, easy-to-use optical test that does not require dilution. The five-minute test relies on the principle of dynamic light scattering to determine the size and distribution of all particles in a platelet sample. The technology is based on the premise that healthcare providers need to get the right bag to the right patient at the right time. Failed platelet transfusions are a major issue in healthcare, critically impacting the care of blood cancer patients, and wasting $1.6 billion annually in the U.S.


Hospice management app

The “Red Book Hospice Care Planning” app from Marrelli & Associates supports simple, comprehensive, on-the-go development of care plans to help clinicians care for hospice patients and their caregivers. The key feature of the app (available on Goggle Play and Apple Stores) is to make creating care plans quick and efficient while still incorporating the best evidence-based practices for optimal, individualized care. An optional in-app subscription to the Red Book Hospice Care Planning content includes complete model care plans for many conditions and hospice disciplines, as well as individual care topics, interventions and outcomes. Templating and merging makes it easy to build, save and reuse content, whether your own or from the Red Book.


Instrument inspection tips

Healthmark Industries has added the Instrument Inspection Tips to its ProSys Instrument Care product line. Designed as a single-use tool, the Instrument Inspection Tips assist healthcare workers on the clean side to check if items have been effectively cleaned and are free of obstruction. Manufactured with a spun polyester swab that connects to a flexible tubing, the Instrument Inspection Tips are offered in lengths of thirty and sixty centimeters. The Instrument Inspection Tips have the following different colored shafts that indicate the swab head diameters: White (1.1mm), Black (2.7mm) and Blue (4.2mm). The Instrument Inspection Tips are available for purchase in a package of thirty. 


Surgical instrument storage 

gRacks from gSource securely organizes common diameter sizes of 4” and 6” k-wires (gS 98.5404) or 9” k-wires and pins (gS 98.5409). Perfect for storage when closed but convert to tabletop stands when open. Made from anodized aluminum, they’re lightweight yet built for rigorous and repeated use. Handles provide convenient transportation.