October 2019 Product Picks

Sept. 23, 2019
Two new cleaning brushes added to ProSys Instrument Care product line

Healthmark Industries is pleased to announce the addition of two new brushes to their ProSys Instrument Care product line. The brushes are designed for cleaning instruments prior to further processing. These reusable brushes are manufactured with nylon bristles that adhere to a contoured plastic handle. The brushes are used in conjunction with a suitable cleaning solution and assist healthcare workers in the initial cleaning of items for which brushing to remove contamination is a recommended step in the cleaning process. The “3183-P” is available for purchase in a package of 10 and the “MR001903” is available in a package of three.


Tracking system for endoscope reprocessing

The IntelliDate from MedVantage is an automated hang-tag touchscreen printer & tracking system that replaces handwritten tags and logs…eliminating human error and ensuring regulatory compliance. The printer comes pre-loaded with scope data, which users can easily change/add in Edit Mode. To print, simply select the scope you need, the AER, the load of the day, then hit print. The printed tag will include a “Reprocess On” date that is automatically calculated by the printer! Once a tag is printed, that scope’s data is stored in the digital log, which is exportable to Excel, via USB flash drive or automatically if networked.   


Smart vaccine inventory management solution

MinibarRx, a subsidiary of FFF Enterprises, Inc., offers a proprietary software application for vaccine inventory management. By enrolling in the MinibarRx system, a healthcare provider’s vaccine inventory management system features automated inventory ordering capabilities based on a customer’s historical usage – allowing providers increased time for face-to-face patient care, as well as meeting patients’ on-demand vaccination needs nationwide. The MinibarRx SMART refrigeration system is designed specifically for effective vaccine storage, handling and inventory management. The MinibarRx system is equipped with an Intelligent PAR (Periodic Automatic Replenishment) Management system of built-in algorithms and logic – providing healthcare providers with just-right inventory levels for vaccines. By enrolling in the system, providers are able to ensure they have a properly stocked vaccine refrigerator, and reduce their inventory investment since they are only paying for vaccines dispensed.


Noddle provides ICU patient communication improvement

Designed to be Plug & Play, the noddle detects the small, voluntary actions via a sensor, allowing patients to control multiple devices including nurse call systems, and speech-generating devices. The noddle is easily mounted and interfaces directly with existing nurse call infrastructure. Improving patient communication has a dramatic impact on outcomes for vulnerable ICU patients, enabling them to be advocates and participate in their own care. The noddle is activated via a variety of sensors specifically designed for individual patient needs and unique physical capabilities.

The J-Mic and Vent-Mic (for intubated patients) can access nurse call and control the noddle-chat tablet with the click of the tongue. The J-Touch and Bed-Touch sensors allow patients to utilize minimal low-force touch to activate the noddle and noddle-chat tablet – perfect for patients with fine motor skills. 


Powered circular stapler for colorectal, gastric and thoracic surgery

To help address a serious complication associated with colorectal, gastric and thoracic surgery, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies announced that Ethicon has launched a powered circular stapler. The ECHELON CIRCULAR Powered Stapler is purported to reduce leaks by 61% at the staple line compared to Medtronic’s DST Series EEA Stapler.

The stapler combines two innovative Ethicon technologies -- 3D Stapling Technology that evenly distributes compression and Gripping Surface Technology (GST), which provides gentler handling to reduce compressive forces on tissues. Together these technologies significantly reduce leaks at the staple line without compromising perfusion, which includes the passage of fluid through the bloodstream or lymphatic system.


Help Desk, Service Desk, solution

SysAid Technologies Ltd., has introduced their SysAid solution that integrates all of the essential healthcare IT tools into one product. The solution combines traditional IT infrastructure and services, as well as patient-touching and staff-enabling medical technology and services that range from patient assessments and monitoring to actually keeping patients alive. The system’s automation capabilities increase team efficiencies by automating tasks including routing to specific medical teams or wards and setting escalation rules based on patient critical workflows. The orchestration engine is capable of running hundreds of processes across multiple departments – at the push of a button.