November 2019 Product Picks

Oct. 28, 2019

Hospital socks

Healthmark Industries’ new Heart of the Hospital socks are designed to honor CS professionals for their critical role in care. Manufactured in America from 80% Acrylic, 20% Nylon and 10% elastic, the socks are unisex, crew length and made to provide (non-compression) support for the arch and bottom of feet. They are available in Medium: 4-9 (Men shoe size) and 3-8 (Women shoe size); Large: 10-13 (Men shoe size) and 9-12 (Women shoe size). 



FUJIFILM Medical Systems is adding six new endoscopes cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The ED-580XT Duodenoscope is now commercially available – it features a removable single use distal end cap, which provides access to the elevator for manual cleaning. The EI-580BT Short Double Balloon Endoscope is expected to be commercially available in fall 2019 – it has a working length of 155 cm and a working channel diameter of 3.2 mm, allowing access in altered anatomy and accommodating the use of standard devices. The EC-760P and EC-760S Colonoscopes, EG-760CT and EG-740N Gastroscopes are expected to be commercially available by November 2019 – they are compatible with Linked Color Imaging (LCI®) and Blue Light Imaging (BLI) and are engineered to enable physicians to achieve advanced visualization.


Digital radiography system installation

DHR Health is the first U.S. healthcare facility to install the Multix Impact, a floor-mounted digital radiography (DR) system from Siemens Healthineers. The Multix Impact features an intuitive operating system, versatile wireless detectors and a free-floating, flat tabletop, which enables easy patient access. The touch user interface on the X-ray tube permits the technologist to remain by the patient’s side for longer periods of time. The patient positioning camera allows the continuous monitoring of the patient, potentially reducing repeat imaging and avoiding excessive patient dose. The system also has an intuitive user interface with graphical organ program selection as well as a patient positioning guide on the in-room touchscreen and control room workstation.


Water-filtering bottle fillers 

OASIS International’s new QUASAR bottle fillers harness UVC light for water filtration. The bottle fillers achieve 99.99% reduction of common waterborne pathogens lingering in a facility’s pipes, including Legionella, Giardia, Listeria, Cryptosporidium, Shigella and E. coli, among others. The UVC LEDs provide sterilizing UV light with long life, low energy consumption, and without dangerous chemicals. These disinfect the water and the dispense point, protecting surfaces from finger touch and other contact that might carry bacteria. Cool operation means cool water filling with no fouling, no scaling and no mineral deposits.