Stepping stones, stumbling blocks

Dec. 19, 2019

As the post-holiday bills come due this month we should enter the New Year with some levity and “clarity of vision.” Okay, enough with the feeble 20/20 references. In healthcare organizations, here are 20(+) of the best and worst things to hear from alternating perspectives…the first being the setup example.

1. On an airplane: “We’ll be on the ground shortly.”

2. In the OR/ICU: “We’re finished!”

3. In SPD: “Is this clean?”

4. In the C-suite: “Doctor who?”

5. In Supply Chain’s storeroom/warehouse: “If it’s in stock, we have it!”

 a. Runner-up: “They’ll never find it here.”

6. During the Value Analysis meeting: “It’s going to cost how much?”

7. In Infection Prevention: “The Joint Commission is here.”

8. In Environmental Services: “It’s clean!”

 a. Runner-up: “The Joint Commission is here.”

9. During the P&T committee meeting: “We use what?”

10. In Information Technology: “Did you turn it on?”

11. In Dietary: “Cook, then chill.”

12. In Facilities Management: “Did you plug it in?”

13. In Quality/Risk Management: “Don’t bring problems, just solutions, so do you really have to contact us?”

14. In Accounts Payable/Billing: “People complain about having to prove who they are to pay by phone as if we’ll allow complete strangers to do it.”

15. In Finance: “Strive for balance, don’t go negative.”

16. In Operations: “My supervisor told me to have a great day … so I left.”

17. In HR: “Being late does not shorten your day!”

18. In Nursing: “Red Sharpies are not for drawing blood.”

19. In Laboratory: “We’re the only ones who can prove division equals multiplication.”

20. In Radiology: “Don’t lie to me because I can see right through you!”

 a. Runner-up: “You’re positive you lost an electron?”