February 2020 Product Picks

Jan. 23, 2020
Sterilizing incubator

Healthmark’s new Terragene Auto-Reader Incubator and Biological Indicators have been added to their Sterilization product line. The incubator allows for rapid detection of positive and negative biological indicators for one hour at 140ºF to determine whether a sterilization process has been successful. The dual temperature system has incubation temperatures of 37ºC or 60 ºC, and different incubation times can run simultaneously. The system features a readout system and a printer to record the results, the ability for automatic detection and cancellation of biological indicator fluorescence reading, and an auto-reader that can be connected to computers by USB.

Healthmark Industries

Chemical-resistant resins

SABIC will introduce their new family of polycarbonate (PC) copolymer resins at MD&M West 2020 Feb. 11 to 13 in Anaheim. The company’s proprietary copolymer technology can help prevent premature part failure from environmental stress cracking (ESC) due to increasingly aggressive disinfectants, such as alcohols, peroxides and quaternary ammonium compounds, used to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). The new portfolio includes amorphous and semi-crystalline materials that can serve as potential drop-in solutions in existing production tooling. The resins help enhance the durability and resilience of medical devices and equipment housings.


Lumen drying system  

Cenorin’s new Cenorin LD 100 Lumen Drying System is now available. Once installed inside the cabinets, the dryer helps assure an effective drying process for endoscopes and robotic arm lumens, without impeding the simultaneous drying of other devices in the cabinet. The system can dry two endoscopes or ten robotic lumens at a time, in the upright positions required by manufacturers’ instructions for use. HEPA-filtered air removes 99.97% of particulates larger than .3 microns, and the air is delivered at a low pressure to protect the devices. The user interface enables process monitoring and includes a timer to allow user-defined drying times. 


Pre-soak spray safety

Case Medical’s CasePrep Non-Enzymatic Pre-Soak Spray and Foam has received formal approval to display the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Program seal. All ingredients have been evaluated and determined to be safer than traditional chemical ingredients for people and the environment. The foamy solution quickly loosens and removes organic and inorganic contaminants found on surgical devices, while keeping instruments moist for subsequent cleaning steps. The spray joins the company’s line of Safer Choice-labelled cleaners and a lubricant formulated for cleaning and care of surgical instruments.

Case Medical