May 2020 Product Picks

April 22, 2020
Critical care blood analyzer

Nova Biomedical announced its Stat Profile Prime Plus has gained FDA clearance and is available in the United States. This new addition to the Stat Profile line of blood gas critical care analyzers features maintenance-free sensor technology to provide 20 essential critical care tests including blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites, hematology and co-oximetry. Prime Plus also provides new and patented, non-lysing whole blood co-oximetry technology, automated quality control (QC), powerful data management, bidirectional connectivity and extensive cybersecurity features to protect patient health information and prevent viruses. A unique safety sample port allows for easy docking and hands-free sampling, and the Clot Block sample flow path protects sensors from blood clot blockages and related downtime.


Reverse-flow fan filtration

The AJ Manufacturing Reverse Flow Criti-Clean Ultra Fan Filtration Unit (FFU) is available to provide critical environment patient isolation care in hospitals. The Reverse Flow’s powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffusers may be used in hospital isolation rooms with patients suffering from highly contagious diseases such as COVID-19. It is designed to create a negative pressure environment that removes the air from an isolation room and cleans it via the unit’s built-in HEPA filter, which keeps airborne contaminants from escaping the room. Features include a new air inlet sensor that measures CFM in real time, the industry’s highest output, the industry’s lowest plenum height, energy efficiency, quiet performance, optional built-in LED lights and more.


Cancer tumor radiotherapy

RefleXion Medical announced the first sale of its RefleXion X1 machine to the Standford Cancer Institute. Installation of the X1 machine at the Stanford Medicine Cancer Center and patient treatments are scheduled to begin over the next few months. Last month, RefleXion announced marketing clearance for the X1 machine for image-guided radiotherapy (also known as SBRT, SRS and IMRT), the first steppingstone to BgRT, which is in development to use the biological signature of each tumor to characterize its movement and to track tumors more precisely for radiotherapy delivery. The RefleXion X1 BgRT capability requires 510(k) clearance and is not available for sale. The RefleXion X1 machine with BgRT aims to overcome the technical limitations that currently restrict radiotherapy to one or two tumors.