Healthcare provider supply chain executives surveyed on leadership development, succession planning

June 9, 2020

Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC, has announced the third edition of its survey of Supply Chain and C-Suite Executives. The survey covers pertinent topics about leadership and succession planning, as well as explores new content. 

The Survey is being conducted and produced in collaboration with Bellwether League Inc., the Hall of Fame for Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership, and Mary Starr (Bellwether Class of 2018), Vice President, Member Services, GreenHealth Exchange. Starr also served as an officer and Board Member of Bellwether League from 2011-2016. The Westrich Group, which provides executive search and interim management for healthcare supply chain leader positions, serves as a new sponsor. 

The first edition of this survey was completed in 2015, and its sequel was released in 2016. Some of the findings were shocking to most Supply Chain executives. Plus, the following survey verified the responses of the first survey. Note that in the 2015 survey, 47% of the respondents stated that they would be retiring within the next three years. The 2016 edition of the survey echoed those responses. 

•           Will there be enough talent to fill all these vacancies?

•           What has happened since 2016?

•           Did the Supply Chain leaders leave their current position and/or retire?

•           Have healthcare providers been able to fill the vacant positions with qualified Supply Chain leaders during that time? 

These are some of the critical issues to be addressed. The survey will be available by invitation with an anticipated close of June 15. Note that all responses will remain anonymous, confidential and independent of and separate from the responses of the C-Suite from the same organization. Those invitees who complete the survey will receive a free copy of the aggregated responses. The findings and subsequent analysis of the responses will be available in a report and is expected to be presented at various venues. 

Those who wish to participate in the latest survey should contact Jamie C. Kowalski for consideration via email at [email protected].

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