August 2020 Product PIcks

July 23, 2020

Antimicrobial seals

Cambridge Security Seals (CSS) unveiled its A-MVB line of antimicrobial seals. The ionic silver-based A-MVB (antimicrobial viricide-material-infused) formula in these patent-pending seals specifically targets, repels and deactivates or eliminates the metabolic and reproductive capacity of virus-hosting bacteria, molds, fungi, algae or other infectious microorganisms that can exist on the surface of a standard plastic seal and be transmitted to users. The seals remove the need and labor required to clean the product with disinfectants. CSS serves healthcare, pharmaceutical, freight, logistics, government, distribution and other industries.

Cambridge Security Seals (CSS)

Point-of-care ultrasound

FUJIFILM Sonosite, Inc. launched its Sonosite PX ultrasound system. Combined with a new family of linear, curved and phased array transducers and improved color performance, clinicians can see anatomy more clearly with Sonosite PX. Patient information, reports and worksheets are placed in one location, saving clinicians time when navigating the user interface. The system integrates with the Sonosite Synchronicity solution, a workflow manager for Sonosite POCUS that supports credentialing, quality assurance and billing across departments and institutions. Its horizontal or vertical workspace is sealed to the edge for cleaning and disinfection and its transducers are drop-tested to one meter.

FUJIFILM Sonosite, Inc.

Workplace contact tracing

Enlighted expanded its IoT technology with workplace digital contact tracing. The database will help employees in pharmaceutical labs, offices, manufacturing facilities and more return safely to work with assigned alphanumeric ID badges for entering the workplace. When employee self-report their badge IDs and a positive test result, administrators query the Safe application, identify other IDs the badges comes in contact with and share the anonymous IDs. Employees carrying those badge IDs can self-identify their exposure. Existing customers can add the Safe app to their IoT platform. New customers can install the IoT system through sensors in LED lighting or through the new USB-powered surface sensor, which can be applied under desks or in conference rooms.

Enlighted Inc.

 Long-term care infection prevention database

oneSOURCE has its Long-Term Care Database for Infection Prevention available. The database includes thousands of Instructions for Use (IFU) and other manufacturers’ documents for the cleaning and sterilization of reusable medical and non-medical equipment found in long-term care and assisted living facilities. With a focus on manuals and parts lists for items such as laundry equipment, beds, PPE, patient monitoring devices, electric razors, walkers, glucometers, gait belts and more, the database will equip facility workers with methods to properly maintain federal compliance, emphasize accurate sterilization processes and mitigate infection prevention in care.