SMI announces priorities for COVID-19 recovery in executive briefing and white papers

Sept. 1, 2020

The Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) introduced its new SMI Priorities for COVID-19 Recovery Executive Briefing and Corresponding White Papers, which can be downloaded at no charge on the SMI website as part of the COVID-19 toolkit.

Through collaborative work, a team of SMI members, all supply chain thought leaders from integrated healthcare providers, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, determined five strategic priorities that will help the industry prepare for any additional waves of the virus, bolster supply chain operations, and maximize the lessons learned to-date. The strategic priorities are: (1) restoring supplier interfaces; (2) stabilizing and strengthening PPE programs; (3) expanding value analysis influence; (4) recognizing new supply chain leaders; (5) supplier business continuity.

SMI Board Member and Chief Supply Chain Officer at BJC HealthCare Tom Harvieux said, “these strategic priorities are based on insights from SMI members that focus on transparency, provider and supplier collaboration, communication and innovation. The SMI team wanted to quickly deliver a resource for the healthcare supply chain industry that sets priorities and outlines actions for organizations responding to COVID-19 and beyond.”

SMI has the toolkit.

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