Intalere Illuminated Path podcast series continues with Executive View episodes

Sept. 4, 2020

Intalere announced new episodes of its Illuminated Path podcast series, featuring an Executive View on current national, industry and company initiatives from its leadership team. 

“2020 has brought so many unforeseen challenges to the healthcare supply chain and its stakeholders,” said Julius Heil, President and CEO, Intalere. “It has also brought new ways of doing business, previously unseen collaboration and an elevated awareness of the strategic importance of supply chain.”  

Heil, Intalere Chief Commercial Officer Steve Kiewiet and Chief Operating Officer Todd Larkin are featured in the series which begins with Heil discussing The New Visibility of the Healthcare Supply Chain. Heil has worked in virtually every area of the supply chain over more than 30 years - in healthcare and outside – locally, nationally and globally in areas including strategy, logistics, distribution and procurement. 

In this episode he discusses:  

· The new visibility of the supply chain and how it has emphasized its strategic importance, in healthcare and in general. 

· Some of the things the group purchasing industry and Intalere specifically are doing to help mitigate supply shortages, including some unprecedented cooperation. 

· How the challenges of the pandemic illustrate the importance of the GPO industry and the benefits it can provide. 

· Thoughts on what the next several months will look like and how providers can continue to be vigilant and prepared.  

Upcoming episodes will feature Larkin discussing New Alternatives To Enhance Visibility and Accountability in the Healthcare Supply Chain and a conversation with Kiewiet offering his insights on Hard Lessons for the Healthcare Supply Chain.  

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