BSMA offers virtual event for Building the Next Gen Supply Chain of Life

Sept. 28, 2020

The annual conference from the Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA) will be virtual. This year’s theme is “Building the Next Gen Supply Chain of Life”.

Experts of the global healthcare industry will address how the supply chain is being transformed in the USA for resilience, agility and sustainability after the apocalyptic COVID-19 pandemic of the century.

The organizations represented will be the major biotech companies, Gates Foundation (Vaccine distribution mission),

COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers and distributors, international transportation companies, regulatory compliance and quality assurance, digital transformers, technology innovators, and exceptional change agents from academia.

The building blocks of themes of the four-hour virtual conference are the following:

  • Ensuring supply of materials APIs and services from global suppliers
  • Building the Next Gen Supply Chain of Life Sciences – the Ilumina Journey
  • Preparedness for the distribution of emerging vaccines for COVID-19.
  • Transportation network readiness for COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Digital transformation of life sciences for resilience and agility.
  • Virtual audits of drug manufacturers and their global suppliers.

The event will be followed by a day of online partnering between drug manufacturers and their service providers and technology enablers to explore implementation of solutions and services. More information is available at BSMA,