Vizient launches Environmentally Preferred Advisory Services to help hospitals advance sustainability

Oct. 6, 2020

With the growing interest of hospitals to improve their environmental footprint, Vizient, Inc. announced the launch of its Environmentally Preferred Advisory Services, a supply chain solution designed to integrate sustainability to drive environmental solutions and positive health impacts. 

The new service expands on Vizient’s environmentally preferred sourcing work, which includes the nation’s largest portfolio of environmentally preferred hospital furniture. 

Environmentally Preferred Advisory Services pairs Vizient member hospitals with sustainability experts who provide assessment and strategy services to elevate environmental initiatives. Such services may include gathering greenhouse gas data, an analysis of environmentally preferred purchasing volume, identification of opportunities for cost reductions and a forecast of energy reductions. The new service also provides a strategy that includes goal setting, metrics and key performance indicators as well as best practices for achieving a defined vision. Finally, the service includes policy development, workshops, educational materials and other stakeholder engagement tools as well as integration with existing processes through its comprehensive implementation services. 

“As health care organizations, our operations and sourcing practices directly impact our environment and the health of the communities we serve. Adding Environmentally Preferred Advisory Services is the next step in Vizient’s commitment to health advocacy,” said Cristina Indiveri, senior director, program services for Vizient. “Through this new offering, Vizient members now have the ability to implement and measure the success of their sustainability goals as they work toward improved health outcomes.” 

Vizient launched its Environmentally Preferred Sourcing program in 2017 to help healthcare providers easily access a wide array of products that are safe for patients and caregivers while minimizing environmental impact. The program focuses on offering product options that don’t include chemicals of concern such as flame retardants, bisphenols and mercury. With the program’s expansion in 2019, it became the nation’s largest portfolio of environmentally preferred furniture. 

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