CTSM consortium to help build a platform for clinical and commercial supply

Dec. 16, 2020

The Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA) announced its commitment to advance the Clinical Trial Management Supply (CTMS) Consortium founded by Roche, SAP and Tenthpin.

The consortium consists of several major global pharmaceutical companies and service providers. The mission of the industry initiative is to use their collective resources to build an industry platform for Clinical Supply with increased transparency, efficiency, and accuracy for users across the full spectrum of the supply chain (hospitals, EDC/IXRS users, clinical and commercial manufacturers, CRO’s, Distributors, etc.), and having them maintain their information in the cloud so users can have real-time access to data for managing their demand and supply plans.

SAP SE and Roche announced in October that they, together with Tenthpin, had partnered to shape the future of clinical supplies operations and harmonize clinical and commercial supply chain management systems. The organizations have formed an industry consortium and are working together on the new, innovative, next-generation CTSM solution.

Organizations conducting clinical trials need visibility into demand to ensure supply and packaging availability, especially as the global pandemic impacts supply chains. To better address the specific needs of the life sciences clinical supplies practice, SAP, Roche and Tenthpin have initiated an industry consortium. This consortium consists of numerous stakeholders from the life sciences industry, including clinical trial and interactive response technology system vendors, and will focus on defining and orchestrating optimally aligned clinical supplies processes.

For a decade, the Steering Committee for Clinical and Commercial Clinical Supply at BSMA has been engaged in furthering:

·        New Generation of Planning Systems to Integrate Supply with Demand for Clinical and Commercial Operations,

·         Optimization of the Pre-Clinical to Commercialization Cycle,

·         Clinical Operations for CAR-T Therapy,

·         Cold Chain and temperature-controlled distribution, and

·         Adoption of disruptive technologies of Serialization, IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML).

To augment the resources of the CTSM Consortium, Bill Coakley, the Executive Vice President of Clinical and Commercial Supply Chain, has enumerated the charter of the Steering Committee to be the following:

·         Educate BSMA community on current and future state of clinical and commercial supply chain (including SAP CTSM initiative)

·         Identify, discuss and disseminate best practices that SAP (and other solution providers) can incorporate into their design – Includes using BSMA events (webinars and conferences) for providing input into SAP’s solutions.

·         Obtain input from small and medium size members for SAP (and other solution providers)

·         Improve connectivity with internal and external customers/suppliers, and “hand offs” between clinical and commercial

·         Understand cost drivers and enable members to measure and manage these in meaningful segments

·         Help members educate their executives around the need and value of ERP solutions, and what technologies are available

·         Enable people to connect with their peers

The BSMA group is looking for more supporters. Reach out to Bill Coakley, [email protected], to join.

BSMA has the steering committee information.

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