AHRMM adds 20 additional keys for supply chain excellence

Jan. 12, 2021

AHRMM stated it has added 20 Keys for Supply Chain Excellence to its Key Performance Indicator (KPI) repository.

The initial Keys released in July 2020 focused on the areas of Finance and Operations; the 20 newly released Keys expand into four new categories: Environmental Sustainability, Patient Safety, Resiliency and Data Standards.

Healthcare supply chain professionals play a critical role in driving high-quality care, at a more affordable cost, to deliver greater value to patients; this is the essence of Cost, Quality and Outcomes (CQO). To achieve this, you must monitor and measure the health of your supply chain. The Keys are a way for organizations to evaluate its supply chain performance over time in fundamental areas.

The AHRMM Keys will help:

·        initiate continuous process improvement dialogue with key stakeholders

·         demonstrate supply chain performance

·         change the conversation with the C-suite to make supply chain more strategic partners

·         unlock healthcare supply chain excellence

·         operate from the intersection of CQO

AHRMM has the announcement.