PartsSource Pro 2021 released

Feb. 22, 2021

PartsSource announced its updated PartsSource Pro 2021, which will provide members with the advisory services, toolkits, formulary starter sets, and expanded guaranteed stock to achieve high performance health technology management.

Over 1,000 hospitals subscribe to and rely on PartsSource Pro, a managed service that combines best processes, cloud-software and logistical support to deliver top-quartile performance for hospital clinical engineering and supply chain teams across the U.S. PartsSource Pro 2021 enhancements include the addition of healthcare technology management (HTM) advisory services, expertly curated medical device formularies to provide turn-key purchase policies across hundreds of quality products, HTM toolkits to accelerate best practices, and expanded guaranteed stock, which uses data science to increase supply chain reliability by increasing availability of products prone to backorders and shipping delays.

“PartsSource’s commitment to clinical engineering is always expanding. The combination of proven expertise and decades of experience enables health systems like ours to improve quality, safety and efficiency, resulting in substantial operational benefits and financial savings,” said Jay Olson, Director of Biomedical Services, Marshfield Clinic Health System.

PartsSource 2021 updates include:

· HTM Advisory Services includes new consulting services to help PartsSource Pro members shift resources to maximize high-value activities and expand the effective capacity of their teams. The service model focuses on understanding where each client is on the HTM maturity journey and increasing focus on value driving activities like supporting strategic initiatives and health system priorities. Outcomes include improved customer service, equipment availability, and cost savings.

· Formulary Controls Starter Sets comprise recommended formulary rules based on billions of data points for over 100 high-value products to uphold quality, reduce costs, and improve deliverability.

· Curated Expert Lists simplify equipment maintenance, providing carefully curated model-based lists for the highest value and most frequently purchased parts.

· Expanded Guaranteed Stock increases supply chain reliability with guaranteed availability of 100+ additional imaging products kept at the recently expanded PartsSource warehouse. This exclusive service leverages data science and micro-stocking to ensure availability of mission-critical products.

· HTM Service Toolkit provides whitepapers, videos, and tools, such as calculators to help members strengthen in-house service strategies and understand the various service strategy models and paths to drive continuous improvement, efficiency and savings.

· HTM Onboarding Toolkit provides a range of tools and resources to establish and develop a high-performance HTM team. The toolkit includes best practice policies, onboarding, team building templates (job descriptions, succession planning and more) that members can implement and/or adapt to promote efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition to the PartsSource Pro 2021 updates, the company also unveiled an expanded PartsSource Command Center, which was designed during the pandemic to monitor critical Key Performance Indicators along the supply chain. The PartsSource Rapid Response team provides real-time surveillance to prevent supply chain problems, such as backorders and shipping delays and proactively supports Guaranteed Stock for its PartsSource Pro members.

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