Product Picks - April 2021

March 23, 2021

Prostate MRI clearance

The Promaxo MRI system, used for guiding prostate interventions under the Promaxo scanner, has been granted a 510(k) clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This system supports urologists and radiologists in performing surgical localization of prostatic lesions under Promaxo MRI guidance in an office or outpatient surgical setting. The Promaxo MR imager currently is being used under an investigational device exemption to perform targeted prostate biopsies at Mississippi Urology. The device features an open single-sided design and quiet operation without the need for endorectal coils to improve patient comfort, permanent magnets arranged for a uniform in-plane magnetic field within the field of view, incorporation of patented technologies to capture, reconstruct and display images of prostate and surrounding tissues, and leverage of pre-programmed sequences and artificial intelligence to enhance image quality.


Glass-free imaging detection

The CARESTREAM Lux 35 Detector, a lightweight, glass-free, wireless detector that supports radiographers during transport while making rounds and performing bedside exams, has been launched by Carestream Health. At about five pounds and 14” x 17” (35 cm x 43 cm), the detector helps minimize accidental drops and slips, allowing for easier positioning, especially with bedridden patients. The detector features rounded and beveled edges to enhance patient comfort, strategically placed finger grips to help position the detector, LED lights to provide immediate information on its status, and a backwards compatible battery. It uses Carestream’s ImageView Software, powered by Eclipse, for high image quality and consistent presentation.


 Mobile UV-C disinfection

Through a new partnership with Crest Healthcare Supply and SMS Technologies, the Aurora Series UV-C disinfecting device now is available from Crest for healthcare and other environments. The device is a powerful, handheld, portable UV-C device used to disinfect common viruses and bacteria. At 13 pounds, the lightweight design makes disinfecting high-touch and hard-to-clean surfaces faster and easier.

Crest Healthcare Supply

Arthroscopic shaver leak testing

The Shaver Leak Tester, used for pressure testing arthroscopic shavers to identify leaks caused by failing seals, has been added to Healthmark Industries’ ProSys Instrument Care product line. The tester includes a hand pump to apply pressure and a testing stop, made from polypropylene, to create a temporarily closed system within the fluid pathway of the shaver to pressure test for leaks. Using positive pressure, the user can determine if the internal seals are failing and the shaver needs to be sent out for repair. The device helps in reducing the potential for cross-contamination, damage and costly repairs resulting from using a shaver with leaks.

Healthmark Industries

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