SSM Health joins as a member of Vizient Inc.

May 18, 2021

Vizient Inc. announced that SSM Health has joined the company as member. The new membership agreement expands the scope of SSM Health’s current work with the company to now include Vizient’s contract portfolio.

SSM Health already uses Vizient’s Clinical Data Base analytics to align cost and quality decisions, engage physicians in utilization and supply choices and improve outcomes. They will now begin using Vizient’s group purchasing contract portfolio, pharmacy program and Novaplus program for purchasing with the expectation of a decrease in current supply and pharmaceutical costs. SSM Health will also begin integrating several analytics solutions into their cost management strategies including Vizient Saving Actualyzer, aptitude and DataLynx, as well as leverage Vizient experts in purchased services, physician preference items and non-acute supply chain alignment to improve clinical alignment and cost performance.

Vizient Inc. has the release.