Facilities maintenance and repair marketplace expands with one million products

May 20, 2021

PartsSource announced it has added more than one million facilities maintenance and repair products to support clinical engineering and facilities management healthcare resources.  

Healthcare facilities management professionals face similar challenges supporting essential operations and maintenance, found in healthcare clinical engineering and technology management (HTM). This includes managing the procurement process manually, including relationships with hundreds of suppliers, insufficient quality data, time consuming product searches, and limited performance analytics. The result is significant overspending, high variability and staff inefficiencies. With an estimated 30 to 40% of total non-labor hospital spend outside of GPO contracts and consisting of low volume, infrequently purchased items across a fragmented supply chain, the cost of facility downtime and unreliable supply chains to the healthcare system is significant. 

PartsSource’s evidence-based marketplace streamlines the procurement process, promoting facilities supply chain reliability and resiliency through: 

  • Curated multi-vendor resource that consolidates a network of OEM and alternative high-quality suppliers across more than one million product options 
  • Value and quality using the industry’s only evidence-based PRECISION procurement platform that consistently delivers high-quality, reproducible product quality and logistics outcomes 
  • Spend tracking and enterprise analytics that provides supply chain visibility and monitoring to reduce risk, and better manage supplier performance KPIs and value 

“Healthcare is undergoing a necessary digital transformation of its supply chain with the express goal to improve asset uptime and clinical availability as facilities management and clinical engineering maintenance is becoming increasingly mission-critical,” said Philip Settimi, MSE, M.D., President and CEO of PartsSource. “By offering a dedicated Clinical Resource Management platform, purpose-built for facilities management and clinical engineering, our clients are now able to speed the availability of their product or service, with the oversight of specialized product experts and billions of data points to improve the cost, quality, reliability and productivity of their supply chain.” 

Facilities management and clinical engineering will be able to further streamline the procurement process via PartsSource’s partnerships with Clinical Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS) providers, including Nuvolo, Accruent and Dude Solutions. PartsSource integration with CMMS platforms enable facilities management and clinical engineering to manage every aspect of clinical and facilities operations – from following and completing a service request, to managing work orders and data, to ordering repair and maintenance products—on any mobile device, online. 

PartsSource has the release.