Premier statement on proposed rule to secure America’s critical supply chains

July 29, 2021

A statement from Michael J. Alkire, President and CEO, Premier, Inc, approves of President Biden’s commitment to strengthen America’s manufacturing capabilities, an endeavor Premier has advocated for in the healthcare industry for more than a decade.

Premier has worked with its members and collaborated with manufacturers to expand the domestic production of N95 masks, nitrile exam gloves, isolation gowns and pharmaceuticals and features American-made products on its online marketplace, Stockd. Furthermore, Premier and many of its members have committed to buy product domestically through our partnerships with Prestige Ameritech, DeRoyal and Honeywell to help create a sustainable supply chain for the future.  

While these private-sector innovations have bolstered the nation’s supply, the progression of the Delta variant and threat of future public health emergencies requires accelerated solutions from the federal government. Congress can advance domestic manufacturing by providing tax incentives to encourage makers of critical medical supplies and drugs to boost production on U.S. soil.

This would drive prices down and create a more sustainable and competitive market, ensuring that healthcare providers have reliable access to these products for their patients even during periods of skyrocketing global demand. Coupled with tax incentives, requiring committed purchasing from government purchasers such as the VA, DOD, HHS, and CMS is key to creating sustainability. 

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