Midmark partners with Primex for asset tracking to patient flow expansion ability

Aug. 9, 2021

Midmark RTLS, a real-time locating system (RTLS) technology provider focused on clinical workflow solutions and data insights that improve the delivery of care, and Primex, a global market technology provider focused on synchronized time, advanced environmental monitoring, mass notification and facility compliance, announced a new partnership to provide customers with RTLS solutions that expand from asset tracking to patient flow and environmental monitoring solutions that automate data logging across facilities.

Hospital and health system investments can be costly, whether it be vaccines and tissue samples or IV pumps and wheelchairs. Maintaining these valuable assets is critical to preventing the costly waste of resources and delivering safe, timely and effective patient care. Midmark RTLS and Primex have partnered to help customers optimize and protect their investments. Primex OneVue Sense, which proactively alerts users of any changes in environmental conditions, keeping vaccines, medications and facilities safe, is viewable through Midmark RTLS Enterprise View.

Midmark’s RTLS technology not only tracks assets, it also enhances staff safety and improves patient flow to ensure staff can find equipment anytime, anywhere to improve utilization and decrease inventory shrinkage. The addition of Primex OneVue Sense creates a comprehensive asset tracking solution, protecting sensitive materials while improving safety and patient care. Now environmental monitoring data is easy to access from Midmark RTLS or via any web browser, demonstrating compliance to regulations and accrediting agencies.

Monitoring isolation areas, refrigerated vaccines and medications, or maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity throughout facilities, is crucial to keeping patients and staff safe. By leveraging the partnership between Midmark for RTLS and Primex for environmental monitoring, hospitals and health systems can help facilities reduce waste, improve safety and realize significant financial savings.

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