GHX announces acquisition of Explorer Surgical

Oct. 14, 2021

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) announced in a release they have acquired Chicago-based Explorer Surgical Corp., operator of a comprehensive digital and remote case support platform that connects suppliers with healthcare provider teams.

By combining Explorer Surgical’s digital expertise in creating innovative procedure playbooks, telementoring and performance tracking tools with GHX’s cloud-based supply chain network and industry-leading collection of data and clinical evidence, the combined organization will help providers and suppliers deliver a higher quality standard for patient care. Explorer Surgical will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of GHX.

With reimbursements increasingly tied to producing positive patient outcomes, providers and suppliers will have more shared responsibility for managing risk. Surgical and procedural suites involve the most invasive and expensive forms of patient care, presenting challenges for meeting value-based care goals. These challenges are further compounded in the realm of costly implantable devices, where providers increasingly rely on their network, including suppliers, to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

As more procedures migrate to outpatient settings, scaling collaboration and knowledge-sharing between healthcare providers and suppliers becomes more important. Telementoring can help accelerate broad dissemination of specialized knowledge to providers across the country – a critical factor in reducing time to market for new devices and advancing procedural techniques. Digital and remote case support, offered by Explorer Surgical, enables providers and suppliers to collaborate on a much larger scale, making procedures a more efficient and repeatable process through accessible training and based on the clinical evidence. This helps ground more patient care decisions in the best practices and data needed to yield improved outcomes.

Founded in 2015, Explorer Surgical’s technology was initially developed at The University of Chicago Medical Center by Jennifer Fried and Dr. Alex Langerman. The company was financially backed by Elliott Management, Aphelion Capital and The University of Chicago, and has worked with healthcare supplier customers across multiple therapeutic areas. Key Explorer Surgical leaders, including Jennifer Fried and CTO Eugene Fine will remain with the combined organization, with Fried serving as General Manager of Explorer Surgical, a GHX Company. The company’s operations will remain in Chicago.

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