GHX evacuates offices due to Colorado fires but announces no impact on operations

Jan. 3, 2022

GHX released a note regarding their operations in Colorado after the news about the Marshall and Middle Fork fires that spread quickly across Boulder County in Colorado Thursday, December 30, that damaged hundreds of homes and thousands of acres.

Superior, Louisville and some parts of Broomfield were evacuated including the GHX Louisville office which remains closed as of 1:00pm MT on December 30. GHX awaits approval from local public safety officials to return to the offices, they are confirming that there will be no impact on operations for their customers. GHX operates a cloud-based data infrastructure -- no customer data is hosted on-premises at their Louisville, Colorado office. Additionally, customers should not expect delays with in-progress deployments or customer service.  In the meantime, they affirmed their priority is confirming all displaced GHX personnel and their families are safe and well cared for.

“We have a number of employees who live in the evacuation zone as well as standby/pre-evacuation areas. At this time, we have confirmation from all but one employee that they are physically safe.” GHX will work with displaced employees to help provide adequate housing and assess further support when we have a better understanding of the scope of their needs. 

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