Getinge launches Experience Center to showcase innovations in healthcare and medical technology

Jan. 28, 2022

Getinge announced the launch of a new Experience Center located in Wayne, New Jersey with a special virtual event involving leaders from healthcare, technology and government.

During the virtual inaugural event hosted via LinkedIn Live, executives from Getinge together with leaders from healthcare and government unveiled the Experience Center, which is designed to recreate hospital and other healthcare settings including operating rooms and intensive care units. During the livestreamed tour participants learned about the specific applications in technology from Getinge that deliver a range of advantages across sterile processing, digital health solutions, the intensive care unit, and life science including:

  • advances in ventilator technology for COVID patients and others with pulmonary distress;
  • a heart-lung support system that processes blood outside the body for patients in cardiac or pulmonary distress;
  • a system to harvest veins for use in cardiac surgery;
  • state-of-the-art sterilization systems that seamlessly integrate into existing hospital infrastructures to speed up the processes and protect patients and workers from the spread of dangerous infection including COVID; and,
  • software systems and AI technologies that can help hospitals work more efficiently by managing services better so more patients can gain access to care as quickly as possible

In the years ahead, the Getinge Experience Center will be a facility where customers can explore new products and solutions in a real world setting to quickly assess the impact these options can have on their facilities.

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