Sutter Health Supply Chain tackles 8 issues 8 ways to Sunday

July 22, 2022

On interacting and integrating with non-acute care facilities, particularly in context with different classes of trade and demand/supply patterns:

On supporting and participating in sustainability initiatives … as a California organization:

On balancing the risks and rewards of global sourcing with domestic and local sourcing on a short-term vs. long-term level:

On incorporating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as a priority within operations and practices:

On advising other organizations that may be smaller and/or have fewer resources, but still would like to emulate an award-winning model and implement in stages to grow organically:

On delineating between Supply Chain’s contributions versus the GPO’s and/or prime distributor’s:

On how an extensive Air Force supply chain experience (military) contributes to a Sutter supply chain experience (private sector):

On joining Sutter about three months before the pandemic hit stateside:

Ayers: “Yes, as I reflect on that time, it was almost as if it was destiny! The military and healthcare are both highly regulated industries and at the end of the day, they are both in the business of saving lives. Upon becoming retirement eligible and reviewing job postings for nearly four years, healthcare’s purpose and Sutter’s values attracted me to this new career. I even had to make a request to accelerate my retirement date from the Air Force, so that I could meet Sutter’s timeline. I am thankful for the symbiotic relationship I share with Sutter, the amazing team I work with, and I enjoy supporting our great community!”

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