Vizient makes major move, acquires Safe & Reliable Healthcare

Aug. 2, 2022

Vizient has announced it has acquired Safe & Reliable Healthcare, a leading provider of high reliability services, with more than a decade of proven experience in transforming cultures to create resilience, enhance workforce engagement and accountability, and help healthcare organizations deliver consistently safer and more reliable patient care.

Through this acquisition, Vizient has integrated the expertise and offerings of both organizations to create the most comprehensive high reliability offering in the industry that will continue under the name Vizient Safe and Reliable Healthcare. This positions Vizient as the partner of choice in transforming healthcare organizations by eliminating variation while improving quality and culture.

“In a healthcare system, the demands associated with the delivery of patient care are complex and often high risk. C-suite leaders are increasingly prioritizing high reliability as a key strategy for addressing workforce challenges and improving care delivery,” said Byron Jobe, president and chief executive officer. “This acquisition bolsters our growth and enables us to launch a new comprehensive, advisory and analytics-enabled solution to help strengthen providers’ ability to deliver safe and reliable healthcare.”

The Vizient Safe and Reliable Healthcare solution is grounded in our Framework for High Reliability Healthcare, an actionable roadmap for organizations based on their high reliability aspirations and maturity progression. The Framework helps transform cultures by developing leaders and teams, building improvement and sustainability infrastructures, and driving measurable clinical, operational and cultural improvement.

“While high reliability is primarily considered in terms of quality and safety, operational and financial outcomes and experiences must also be reliable. As hospitals face continued workforce and financial challenges, our members are increasingly interested in how our high reliability offering can help them achieve more dependable performance across all areas of their organization,” said Marshall Leslie, group senior vice president, quality and operations for Vizient.

With our integrated approach, providers benefit from:

  • High reliability consulting and Academy training designed to advance high reliability principles and system concepts among healthcare leaders and the workforce at large.  
  • SCORE, an integrated culture survey measuring safety, resiliency and burnout. SCORE is statistically validated, a Tier-1 Leapfrog survey and satisfies Magnet requirements. SCORE contains  unparalleled culture data points for analysis against clinical and operational measures.  
  • Learning and Engagement System (LENS), an electronic visual management and communication platform, giving leaders and front-line workers voice, visibility and ownership into performance towards goals, issues tracking and resolution and celebration of achievements.    
  • A comprehensive approach to building system-wide sustainable improvement infrastructures through management systems to achieve and sustain performance goals.  
  • Integrating SCORE data with Vizient’s industry-leading repository of clinical and operational data to generate unique insights into the correlations between culture and outcomes. 

Safe & Reliable founders Allan Frankel, MD, and Michael Leonard, MD, along with their Safe & Reliable colleagues, will join Vizient’s consulting team and continue assisting healthcare organizations on their high reliability journey. “We are excited to join Vizient and work more closely with its members to strengthen their resilience and reliability in delivering safe patient care in the complex and fast-paced healthcare environment,” said Frankel.

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