Whiterabbit.ai partnering with Arterys to increase breast cancer screening compliance

Sept. 1, 2022

According to a release from Business Wire, Whiterabbit.ai, an AI-technology company dedicated to making late-stage diseases a rarity, announced it signed a national distribution agreement with Arterys, a San Francisco-based AI-powered software company and developer of the world’s first internet platform for medical imaging, to expand the reach of Whiterabbit’s AI-driven software program ACT, nationwide.

The program is designed to increase mammography screening compliance and volume.

Arterys’ broad customer base of healthcare systems, some of which use its Breast AI software to detect breast cancer, measure breast density and deliver personalized risk assessments, will be able to purchase and integrate ACT into their compliance screening programs. Increasing the number of women who schedule their annual mammograms is essential to detecting cancer earlier. The partnership has the potential to significantly reduce the backlog of preventive screenings that were missed and remain overdue as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our strategic partnership with Arterys further anchors Whiterabbit’s mission to make late-stage diseases a rarity through increased accessibility, supported by innovative AI-powered software,” said Whiterabbit.ai CEO Alexander Sardiña, MD. “We believe AI has the power to transform healthcare through compliance, accurate disease detection and a patient-centric approach at cost reduction."

“Arterys is extremely pleased to add Whiterabbit’s AI ACT solution to our current suite of breast AI  applications,” said Dan Arnoff, senior VP of commercialization at Arterys. “ACT drives the compliance of screening mammograms, which in turn potentially reduces interval cancers. ACT combined with our current Breast AI solution for tomosynthesis provides the end user a very unique platform in the fight against breast cancer. Arterys is committed to developing the best of class AI solutions, deployed from a single cloud interface to maximize the power of AI to breast centers across the globe.”

According to leading organizations dedicated to breast cancer research and education, it is estimated more than 287,800 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and more than 43,000 will die from breast cancer in 2022 in the U.S. Whiterabbit and Arterys are dedicated to transforming healthcare through the intersection of human intelligence and artificial intelligence to improve clinical outcomes for patients.

Trained on millions of data points, Whiterabbit’s ACT is designed to facilitate compliance among women with mammography recommendations using a personalized notification system that does not require intensive one-on-one follow ups. Additionally, ACT evenly distributes a clinic’s increase in patient volume throughout the year. Tested in more than 300 breast cancer screening centers across the U.S., ACT has a proven track record of more than 20 percent growth year over year in breast cancer screening volume.   

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