Mölnlycke makes milestone in Malaysia

Sept. 21, 2022

Mölnlycke has inaugurated a new surgical gloves factory in Kulim, Malaysia. The investment amounts to EUR 50 million and will allow Mölnlycke to substantially increase their production capacity.

Among the speakers at the inauguration were the Chief Minister of Kedah, Malaysia and the Swedish Ambassador to Malaysia, as well as Mölnlycke’s CEO and Chairman. Representatives from other regional and national authorities, Mölnlycke’s partner companies in Malaysia, the media, the Mölnlycke Board of Directors, and Mölnlycke’s Executive Management Team were also present.

In his welcome speech, Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Seri Haji Muhammad Sanusi bin Md Nor, Chief Minister of Kedah said, “the state of Kedah is very proud to be the host of Mölnlycke’s new state-of-the-art factory, and in being recognized as a state providing the right prerequisites for sustainable production of high-quality surgical gloves, and in enabling Mölnlycke to live its vision to improve hand performance for health care professionals across the globe – because hands deserve better.”

The new site is fully equipped for cutting-edge automated glove production and packing, and Mölnlycke expects to create 400 new job opportunities. Mölnlycke will also increase their production capacity substantially.

The new facility is a major milestone in Mölnlycke’s sustainability roadmap 'WeCare' and the company’s ambition to become a global leader in sustainable healthcare, while being well on the way to decarbonize all Mölnlycke factories, the company is investing in solutions that will lower its CO2 emissions also in this plant.

Surgical glove production is energy- and water-intensive and, as announced earlier this month, Mölnlycke have partnered with ENGIE, who will be providing energy solutions, one being installing solar panels to power the plant’s manufacturing and operations and with Veolia to improve water management. Veolia will be assisting in improving the plant’s wastewater management, effectively recycling water and improving the discharge quality. With Veolia’s digitalized systems, water consumption is expected to be reduced with up to 50% locally.

In the long term, Mölnlycke is turning its commitment to net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 into reality by running its operations in a less resource intensive way.

His Excellency Dr. Joachim Bergström, Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia, said, “Mölnlycke’s decision to continue and expand its operations here in Kulim is a clear indicator of the successful story of Malaysian manufacturing in particular here in Kedah. In return, Mölnlycke, a global leader within MedTech, will be able to increase its competitiveness on the global market. This is a story of successful cooperation, a win-win, between Mölnlycke – Kulim and Kedah, which is also the story of our two countries. Sweden and Malaysia have a great history of producing win-wins and we will continue to do so.”

With sustainability as a key aspect of the company’s strategy, Mölnlycke is setting out to build a sustainable healthcare manufacturing ecosystem that will effectively meet the industry’s demand for high-quality surgical gloves, with minimal environmental impact.

Zlatko Rihter, CEO of Mölnlycke concludes, “There is a lot to be proud of when working at Mölnlycke. When future generations look back at our history, I am convinced they will see this day as a milestone – as we take yet another step on our journey to become a global leader in sustainable healthcare production and supply and a leading employer in the global healthcare sector.”

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