SMI releases new tool to measure the criticality of products

May 10, 2023

SMI, a non-profit, member-driven community of providers and industry partner organizations, has released a new tool to measure the criticality of products to help create a more resilient supply chain. An enhancement to SMI’s Resilience Maturity Model (RMM) that was released in 2022, this Critical Product Attributes Framework provides a common structure and language for healthcare organizations to identify the criticality of products they need in times of crisis. SMI’s tools and solutions are all open-source and free of charge on the SMI website.

Developed by the SMI Resilience and Transparency Thought Leadership Council, which includes executives from leading healthcare and hospital organizations, as well as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and technology/solution companies, this new tool aims to standardize the process of defining product critically and ultimately aid in providing better patient care. SMI’s Physician Advisory Council, which includes physicians from both hospitals and industry organizations, provided intelligence and insights included in the final output. 

This new tool: 

1. Provides a structure for identifying the criticality of products using a common language

2. Allows trading partners to have clear conversations about product criticality

3. Supports the broad use of the Resilience Maturity Model to drive a more resilient supply chain designed to meet future demands 

Future enhancements to this tool in 2023 will address the issue of disruption as it pertains to product criticality. 

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