Orgs Advocate For Universal Platform For Product Recalls

Feb. 21, 2024
Healthcare providers are recommending their suppliers to use NotiSphere, a digital platform company

According to a Feb. 20 press release, a group of healthcare providers, including Novant Health, BJC HealthCare, and Munson Healthcare, are advocating for a universal platform to manage product recalls and other supply-disruption alerts.

The announcement comes from NotiSphere, a digital platform company that directly connects medical device suppliers and healthcare organizations.

The press release says that “The health systems are also asking other providers to join them. These healthcare leaders argue that ‘the current manual and fragmented systems compromise efficiency and, most importantly, patient safety.’ They say that a universal, centralized communication platform will revolutionize their response to recalls and supply disruptions ‘by offering a single point of communication for all necessary updates and alerts.’”

As part of this initiative, the healthcare providers are encouraging their suppliers to adopt NotiSphere.

EIN PressWire has the press release.