Four Dozen Provider Orgs Pledge to Adopt HIRC Resiliency Badge

March 6, 2024
The Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative aims to benefit providers by providing assurance that badged suppliers can deliver critical products

According to a March 6 press release, the Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative (HIRC), a non-profit consortium of healthcare leaders focused on improving the domestic supply chain for medical products, announced that more than four dozen provider organizations have pledged to adopt the HIRC Resiliency Badge.

The four dozen provider organizations include AdventHealth, BJC HealthCare, Corewell Health, Cleveland Clinic, CommonSpirit, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern Medicine, and Stanford Health Care. Additionally, the newly launched badging program is available to medical product suppliers.

The press release says that “The HIRC Resiliency Badge benefits providers by providing confidence that badged suppliers have the capability to deliver critical products reliably. Providers also enjoy added efficiency by not having to investigate and gather resiliency data independently.”

Further, “The goal of the HIRC Resiliency Badge is to make resiliency a winning strategy in healthcare for suppliers. As a growing number of providers prioritize HIRC standards compliance when selecting their medical product vendors, suppliers that achieve the HIRC Resiliency Badge will establish themselves as valued and reliable partners within the highly competitive healthcare space, while also enabling efficiency by reducing one-off data requests.”

Earlier this week, Tom Harvieux, chief supply chain officer at BJC HealthCare, published a piece on supply chain resiliency with Healthcare Purchasing News.

He is also quoted in the press release saying, “This is the healthcare industry’s opportunity to collectively control its future and build a common, scalable solution. We know there is a deep need for a program like this, and we have the opportunity to influence its shape and prevent the market from fragmenting into dozens of for-profit solutions that create more complicated and inconsistent expectations as they race to fill the gap. It is in suppliers’ and providers’ best interest to make the HIRC Resiliency Badge successful.”

EIN Newswire has the full press release.